My 18-year-old daughter Katie has lost the following things:

our house keys                         too many times to count

her Uggs                                  stolen at a track meet, Boston, USA

non-internet cell phone #1         left on a table in school cafeteria; stolen

non-internet cell phone #2         “uh, somewhere”

non-internet cell phone #3         dropped in toilet

$200 North Face jacket              lost on the first day she wore it, Cambridge, UK

my Raleigh bike                         left unlocked in a Cambridge bike rack;  stolen

various t-shirts                          “swapped” with friends;  never returned

Converse  sneakers                    left at a friend’s house, never found

all of her school papers               left in the women’s bathroom at high school

my socks                                   lost one of each pair

my ear buds (borrowed)             “how would I know?”

my necklace  (ditto)                   “not me”

my connector cables (ditto)        “somewhere”

my Obama t-shirt (ditto)            “what???

my slippers (ditto)                     “really, Mom, really?”

her iPhone 5                            Never ever lost even for a second*

*because how could she function without it?